Hypnolab Voice Acting Update with keyboard & Mouse Updated

We've updated Hypnolab yet again, and have no re-enabled Keyboard and Mouse options! After this there will only be one more update of Hypnolab. That version will involve a simple quest system and some more new things, but for now, look at what's new in this one!

We have voice acting now! Kady Psyche is now voiced by the lovely Silkymilk.


*********** Hypnolab Alpha Change Log *************

- Initial Keyboard and Mouse Desktop PC Build! Currently the desktop version acts as very much a "VR Simulation" FPS type control. It's a bit janky in some ways, but this will be improved soon. Some notes: Current controls: right click is grab, left click is select, scroll wheel for selection, and WASD for movement. Other inputs exist but will be removed soon. Currently there are "two hands" this should change to a simpler set up soon. Reminder to those who haven't played last builds, hypnotism is activated by placing an object in the teleporter, then pushing down the activate button (which you do  with your "hands"), look at the white board for a reminder!  Also we'll add a crouch button soon aswell.

- Kady now speaks and is lipsynced! There is now an introduction (which you can interrupt at any time by hypnotizing her, or skipping by hitting ESC), and she'll say lines when placing hypnotism objects in the teleporter, and upon being reset, Subtitles appear aswell!

- New Hypno object previews that appear on the TV!

- New Anal Dildo Animation! And Vibrator toggle, more on this in the future!

- Updated microphone menu! Minor but a step to making it ever better!

- Reworked post processing! Some previous builds had post processing disabled due to a glitch, it's now fixed and prettier!

- Environmental updates!

- Cat God is present! (Best update)

- Some new shader effects! Check out the love potion!

- Various minor fixes and improvements!


If you're looking to purchase the game, follow the link above! If you're a patron, follow the link at the top. I hope you enjoy the update, thank you all!


Hypnolab Free Demo (VR & Desktop) 236 MB
Mar 21, 2019
HypnoLab KBM Alpha.zip 215 MB
Jul 24, 2019
Hypnolab VR Alpha.zip 215 MB
Jul 24, 2019

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the "hypnotize yourself" part seems like it's just meant for puzzle solving. which is kind of a gyp but i can understand why it's a thing

I recently just purchased the game which is still an alpha version does that mean i will have to purchase the game again when it comes out or will it just update 

No you'll get the update.

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New KB+M Controls are painful as hell to use. Controlling 2 hands with 6 degrees of movement with 1 hand that moves with 4 degrees is not my idea of a relaxing and hypnotic time. It's actually quite painful on the wrist, more so than my fapping.

The camera randomly flips back on itself and items randomly fly everywhere when I move adjacently. There is no pause via pressing ESC and the dialog runs on painfully long. I just wanna click the damn gun to mute her, but that ain't happening.

I enjoyed the older version's limited demo - the CHOICE of classic point-and-click OR full VR was very enticing, but now it's VR whether I like it or not. I feel so disappointed. Sometimes more is less, my friend.

That was a quicker temporary solution, we'll improve this a lot when the key board build comes bac

In what way?

Well for one it will be custom, what we used before was partly just for testing VR controls. Next time will just be something built for this game like the original. Or at least more customized. 

We now have more programmers on the team which we didn't last build. 

The keyboard controls likely won't be in the next release but later for this reason, we'll do it properly. 

In the meantime, is it possible to rerelease the older full build? I found that very easy to play

If rereleasing the point-and-click build is too much trouble, I would like a refund as I find the control scheme makes the game nearly unplayable.

having problems playing the game. Cant teleport, cant really select commands in microphone, no real input working other than grab. Using oculus quest via alvr

Unsure about compatibility with the quest but newer test builds have worked with newer steam features like the Index. The future update should solve these issues I think. 

Just tested the latest Non VR build, great work! Just curious, can you also add a teleporter for items to be used by the "willing testsubject"? It could replace the microphone menu, and make it quicker to activate certain animations. It feels like there are a number of grabbable objects that can't be used properly on the Non VR build. I don't have a 3d system yet T.T


So I own the game, it says it's up to date but I don't have any voice acting or new content. I clicked buy again, re-downloaded the VR version still nothing new... what am I doing wrong?


how do you download the free demo?

How do I install the keyboard and mouse version? I don't see an option for it.

Hi there, really love the game, glad to see this update! Just one thing that bothered me: does the desktop version have a key to exit the game, or open a "pause" menu of some kind? I had to hit the Windows key to close it, not really the usual convention...

Still, can't wait to see the finished product! Keep up the good work!


How can you update the game if you have already bought it previously?

Simply download the new file, we'll work on more seamless updates soon.