Hypnolab VR Rebuilt!

We've updated this game massively with all new graphics, lots of new functionality and a ton of new objects. This game has moved beyond its humble game jam origins and is now for sale. The changes are very significant. This is still a game in development and not all objects are fully functional yet. Expect to see more as new updates are ready!

Movement is enabled, and windows desktop and VR are working. Movement via teleportation is fully enabled. Three buttons enabled, two hypnosis methods and a reset method. Additionally many new objects were added to the player's room for you to experiment and play with.

Currently the game works on windows and on the vive via steam VR. Additional functionality across different builds is planned for the near future!

It's a newer, highly upgraded game! I hope you enjoy it.


WIN_HYPNO_1026_02.zip 392 MB
Oct 27, 2018
WIN_HYPNO_1026_01.zip 392 MB
Oct 26, 2018

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Why am I being told it isn't avalible on windows?

Oops our bad, forgot to click a button lol. Should be fixed now!

Ssadly the game does not seem to work on my WMR headset.

The game start on my monitor, but steamVR stay on the Vr loading screen.

Next release will have signifigantly broader VR compatibility including WMR, Oculus, and more, some of our testers have confirmed this. Please look forward to it in a week or so, if you'd like to test these new builds please join the discord!

There are still some issues having compatibility cross platform like this, but it's deffinitely functional!