New version of Hypnolab available!

Finally, after a long long stretch of waiting, we've updated Hypnolab! This new version has expanded massively since our last update!

In this version:
- A new quest system! Search for, find, and use all your favorite hypnotic devices on Kady!
-Full voice acting! Hear Kady tell you just how much she likes getting the H.
-New hidden hypno-worlds. Can you find them all and discover every hidden secret?
-A cheat system if you've gotten stuck!
-You can now open the lab door and explore part of the Ivory Peaks corporation!
-Updated graphics, systems, and more!

Note that this version does not yet have a keyboard and mouse version. We'll update that as soon as we're 100% sure we're ready for it. This updates the virtual reality build at this point in time. Let us know what you think!

If you already own the game, you don't have to pay extra for this update. Our subscribers can also get access through subscribestar. Check that out if you're interested in seeing all our latest games!

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Jul 21, 2020

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The old version is obselete, the new key board and mouse version is contained in a single download

when will the game be compatable with oculus?

I can't install the demo


I cant figure out how to download this game without paying again. I went ahead and paid again anyway. But for future updates, how do i download without paying again?

same, also need kbm version ASAP

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You just have to go to your profile - My Library - then find hypnolab and click download. There is no need to re-buy the game. Or at the top of the main page for Hypnolab it should say "You own this game" and a download button below that.

Ok. I see now. I saw on the page for hypnolab there was a new version. So i clicked it and it took me to another page that had all the info and a download link. But it said i had to pay. So I did because I like the game. lol. But Now I see it's updated on the main page. Still worth the $20 I've paid. Thanks.

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