Hypnolab Rebuild Release

HypnolabVR Rebuild Release!

We've got a new version of Hypnolab up and ready for you to play! This is a big one, as the entire project was rebuilt from the ground up to allow for greater virtual reality platform compatibility. Unfortunately mouse controls are disabled in this version, but will be re-enabled in the next one. 

- The project has been rebuilt to now be compatible with broader VR platforms! Oculus, HTC Vive, WMR, and other headsets now supported! Please understand some improvement may be needed to certain platforms controls due to the wide range, but this is a great start!

- New teleport system is here! Pick up objects that highlight purple and place them in the golden teleporter! Then select the green start button to teleport the hypnotic object into the machine.

- New microphone menu! Pick up the microphone and select a command on your Left hand.

- Massive performance increase for most hardware. Medium settings are the most performance even on somewhat below spec hardware (tested on GTX 960 and 1060) meanwhile higher end systems can enjoy some higher fidelity rendering. There's still further improvements to make but it should be much better than all previous builds. 

- New Hypno Objects! Try using the Smart Phone in the teleporter, or the microchip to see the new animations.

- More sound effects implemented! Certain Hypnotism and objects like the Hypnogun now have sound! Settings for this will come soon.

- Environment updates! The office and test room have gotten an upgrade!

Just a reminder - this is our first rebuild build, so some things are still missing in the visuals and coding of the game. It is not yet complete. Mouse controls will reappear in the next update. Many aspects of this game have seen massive improvements overall, however!

Finally, this version does not have voice acting but our next build will. Preview coming soon!


Hypnolab (VR Only) 189 MB
Jun 02, 2019

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I purchased the game 10 dollars a year ago. Why i don't have access to this new version?

where can I get the previous build if I don't have a VR rig for the current build?


I just have two of the crappy phone VR headsets, so I'll just be waiting for the next build that doesn't require a Vive or so.

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are there only two commands in the curent build?

Yes, for now, other commands are made, but need to be re implemented into the new menu. 

Do I have to purchase this again if I purchased the previous version?

No you don't, if you scroll up it takes you to the download pag