​The Big Final Release

Welcome back everyone!

This new update is very large and covers a vast number of issues, fixes, platform functionality and more, for VR and Desktop mode. There are new quests and new items to fill up Kady's marvelous laboratory of devious mind control! Just check the page to download the new version! The changelog covers a number of items, but for a hint about the remaining items and content, we found a note from a technician named Louck working for the IPC. While they've mysteriously disappeared since writing this note, at least the Ivory Peaks Corporation can rely on you to continue testing!

It was supposed to be an evening like any other. I’m minding my own business when the call comes in. It’s Kady. She sounds worried. She says there's a ‘problem’. "Business as usual," I tell myself as I hang up and get dressed for a drive to the IPC.

As I’m barreling through the rain, blinking to see past the oncoming headlights, her complaint ricochets around my head. She’d been talking about the hypnosis console again. That blasted piece of technology was always acting up. It was no stretch of the imagination to hypothesize what had happened this time.

The console wasn’t meant for just anything, but both she and her intern were keen on shoving anything they could find into it. I thought back to the last time I’d visited Kady’s office. There had been this helmet on her desk, a big thing, a really big thing, not like a virtual headset. It was some ancient metal junk with horns that sparked occasionally. She probably thought there would be no harm in tossing that in just to see what would happen. The console probably overloaded. I’ll be cleaning up the mess for a week.

Oh well. Business as usual.

I arrive at the premises and hustle through the downpour. The long hallways of the labs always feel like they go on forever. Sometimes, I wonder who designed this place. Eh. I don’t get paid enough to care.

My toolbox rattles in my hand as I push open the door to the testing lab. I’m not alone. Kady’s intern is here, and the console looks… intact. Huh.

I try pressing a few buttons just to see what happens and everything seems to work. I crack open the side of it and poke around at the wiring, but everything is where it should be. When I raise an eyebrow at the intern, they just give me a shrug and a nonsensical answer that makes no sense.

“Oh, Kady isn’t worried about it working properly, she thinks it was used by someone else.”

Someone else? Someone other than her or her little pet of an intern? That’s impossible. The device is biometrically locked and disables itself if an unauthorized person even tries to turn it on. My silence and flat expression elicit a slightly more informative response.

“It doesn’t make sense to me either. I came in this morning and the console was activated, but Kady says she didn’t use it. Is there any chance it turned itself on?”

Of course not. That’d be silly. What, do they think this thing is like a computer that boots up randomly when it needs an update? I do my best to smile at the intern and shrug. I tell them I’ll check the user logs.

There’s the usual suite of tests at the usual time, nothing out of the ordinary… except one thing. The console was powered on last night and something unknown had been sent through. I give the intern a scowl. They claim they didn’t do it. Sure thing. Probably left it running by accident. At least nothing was broken this time. I press a couple of buttons just to make sure everything is in order and pack up my gear. Whatever it was, it’s not my problem.

As I’m about to leave, I notice that something is missing from the room. There was a doll, wasn’t there? I remember seeing it sitting on top of some boxes next to a pile of books. It had been a pretty doll. I thought about asking where it’d gone but decided against it. Maybe they were just finally unpacking things.

I headed back to my car, back through the pouring rain, and back home for the rest of my night. In the end, it had been nothing. Business as usual.

-Technician Louck

This should be the final content update aside from fixing any bugs you find. Let us know if you have any issues with the current version! I hope you enjoy the new puzzles and mystery!



- New major quest.

- New minor quest.

- New scene.

- New hypno item with unique functionality.

 - Two new achievements related to the new item.

- Partial stripping. Complete one of the new quests to unlock this feature!

- Concept art folder. Kady's files were empty, so we filled them with papers we found in the trash.

- Desktop version available as a launch option. No need for separate files! MINOR CHANGES

- Kady's posture and moans now depend on which hypnotic effect is applied to her.

- Updated the Vibrator quest to account for colorblindness.

 - Various optimizations related to SteamVR.

 - Keyboard Version: Improved player feedback when they attempt to pick up an inaccessible item.

- The cellphone's quest now completes when the player uses it.

'Fixed teleporting on the moon. Don't tell anyone where we got the white goo.'


- Fixed Kady removing the microchip when she undresses.

- Fixed the hypnogun spamming error messages.

- Fixed collecting the wand or potion multiple times. There can be only one.

- Moved the Collar's text back into bounds.

 - Fixed the cost of teleporting between the moon and the earth.

- Fixed the abuse Kady inflicted on the hypnosis console. It should work fine now. Probably

 - Fixed the crates sometimes disappearing in the dungeon.

 - The TV should now work correctly for all you hypnosis lovers.

- And moar...


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Apr 12, 2022

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This is a really great update! Looking forward to checking out all the new stuff


Whats the new quest and where do you start it?

Deleted 237 days ago

I may have missed this while reading, but is this compatible with keyboard and mouse? 

To broke to afford VR, ><


Yah, Keyboard and mouse work, you have to select it before you start the game. You're welcome my fellow poorian.

so it will only be for VR and Windows only huh 🤔 

Yes. There is a functional desktop mode for windows and it works on several vr platforms now such as the index, vive, and oculus rift.


so no Mac