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This game is for adults!

You need an HTC Vive to play in virtual reality. A Windows build is available for regular 3d game play without a vive. Linux, Mac, and android builds are not currently available.

The current build is an Alpha build, and not all items have full functionality yet. The game is still being updated, and future builds will add more functionality to the game. It is recommended that you have at least a minimum level VR capable PC even if you do not have a VR headset to run the desktop version.

Join the Dr. Kady Psyche as a new intern at the Ivory Peaks Corporation in her experimental hypnolab! Test out strange devices, alter minds, and push the boundaries of science!

Our simulator places you in the laboratory itself, and Dr. Psyche is happy to play the test subject. Interact with your environment in first person as you explore her strange laboratory.

No VR z - Reset c - Turn off Cursor space - activate rotation Middle Click - Remove Clothing

VR - Mouse Left Click - Interact Middle Click - Remove Clothing Right Click - Hold Object Space - Teleport Toggle between Studio and Test room

VR - Controllers Pad - Teleport

Trigger - Interact

Menu - Remove Clothing

Grips - Pick up object

All Escape - Return to Title

Note: Cursor will automatically disappear after 10 seconds of inactivity and will reappear once mouse is moved. Can be toggled on/off with 'c' key.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Hypnolab Ver 0.4.1.zip 236 MB

Download demo

Hypnolab Ver 0.3.zip 482 MB

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What is it with Windows Defender SmartScreen going nuts when the Antivirus doesn't? It happened with the demo of this game, too...

I haven't seen other reports of this, normally builds don't do that...what windows version?

windows 10

Deleted post

That's currently what there is- but we will have ways to have her transition to different animations like masturbation.

Right now though we have no intentions of having the player interact with her directly though.


Any ETA for the new version?


Other than the fact that the character's body is a bit all over the place (it's only the alpha so I expected bugs like that), it'd be really nice to be able to change mouse sensibility (it makes it hard to click on things).

Can't wait to see next update, I love it so far ^^

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Playing without VR raises a lot of cursor-based issues! Any gadget I click seems to fly around every which way, and without all of that there's no real way to hypnotize Brenda without activating the pendulum cutscene, which--while expertly realized--gets a little old after continued use. Any ideas on what's happening? Or am I just doing it all wrong?


That's expected behavior, future builds will allow properly picking up objects with a mouse, and more hypnotism options will be coming very soon! Keep in eye out for content updates!

For now we just believed it would be fun to let you explode objects around, along with the anti-gravity apple. 

Ahhh, understood. Keep up the good work!

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While this is interesting, I am not gambling money on something I'm unsure that works or what the context of the game is even about. I'll return when you've added more information about this game, how it works, and perhaps a demo. I simply see no reason to throw away $10 on a game in an alpha period at the moment.


Hello! Can you release a short demo of this game? Bc I want to make sure this game works on my pc before I buy it. Thanks!

This game uses the same visuals, engine, and some of the same models from the branda animation demo here. 

If you want to test performance on your PC this should prove to be a solid representation.


Okay. Thanks!