Snow Daze Version 0.4.20

A new update to Snow Daze - this time one where I can post both the public and private links in the same update! We are now integrated with As long as you have an itch account and are a patron pledged at the right amount you can now download patron versions straight from a link that will only work for you and your fellow patrons.

This new version contains voice acting for Night 4. Yes, we did skip day 4 temporarily so we could edit voice files more easily - days 4 and 5 have a lot of dialogue and it'll be best to edit them at similar times. There's also some new art in this version.

However, that's not the only news! There's now a new public version, which includes night 4 content for the public! You don't get the night 4 voice acting, but you do get the scenes. 

Download it here for free!

Both of these download links will remain good from now on, and be updated whenever new releases are ready.

The exact changes are detailed below: 


fixed a typo in Day 3

added the new gallery

increased the resolution of the text boxes

added UI buttons to the gallery


added each characters' theme to night 4

added buttplug popups


added an opening video!

added a click to start screen!

made the main menu background animated!

added an r18 warning to the beginning


fixed a typo in Sarah's dialogue in night 4

added in Jane's voice acting for night 4

added in Noelle's voice for night 4


colored buttplug images

set voices for night 4 to only be in the patreon version

fixed a save and load slot misalignment


added all of kira voices for night 4

added all os sarah voices for night 4


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anyone can give me a save file

Would like to compare older versions with the latest version. Can we still get that?

We don't keep all of the older versions. But they may be floating around the internet somewhere.

Oh ok, but is there a version log so I can check?

how to download this game

The latest versions are here
This game page will be deactivated soon.

Hello, I just made an account to tell you about a bug. The RAM just keeps rising in the beginning until it stops to give me an "out of memory" error. I only have 2gb.

Have that problem too. I use 4GB RAM but only able to use 2,86GB? WTF?

And it crashes? sounds like a memory leak.

Any idea how to fix it?