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Wow! thanks for these nightmares!


Lol Rose is a rape apologist

very nice story



Hi. i enjoyed it a lot.  

It's beautiful how Jane showed Kate how great is lesbian love.

I think you should made next parts. 

My ideas: 

1. next part of therapy (Jane x Kate). 

2. Next part of therapies of Kate's 4 fiends (Jane x Amber or Jane x Erica or Jane x Kelly & Nicole)

3. Reunion of Kate and her 4 fiends (Kate x Amber or Kate x Erica or Kate x Kelly & Nicole)


Nice visual novel game! It'd be great if the game offers choices for the player to make, though. Still, I enjoyed it!

Deleted 4 years ago

Not anti-gay, just a game made for people who get off on the parts you find rape-y. No judgment from me, I just wish I could do a better job of telling the difference between the games that care about their characters and those where the characters are just fetish fodder.